The Process

For decades I have helped people navigate the various hazards of work, personal conflict, investments and creativity. I am very good at helping people understand the amount of risk they are confortable with and how they can hedge or mitigate risk when it becomes dis porportional to comfort levels. Frequently my services pay for themselves because I naturally gravitate to creating balanced situations. This includes private coaching in trading strategies. In addition to local face to face clients I now have a phone practice exclusively for parent/teenager coaching specifically for finacial training- with overlaps. (Not taking new clients until 2017.) I do not offer any stock selections but help you select appropriate stategies for trading from the information that is publicly available.

Most people make financial decisions just once and then "buy and hold." Understanding your own risk, or your child's can save you a LOT of money. Individual  profiles and expectations can clash. Since you are the source of the decision it is very hard for most people to understand how to approach errors -and success. Risk mitigation heuristics can help. That is what I do. Fees are reasonable.